Rabbit 8 Pc Electric Wine Set

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  • EFFORTLESS OPENING: this high-end electric corkscrew removes all cork types (including synthetic corks) with an effortless touch of a button. Simply press the down arrow to remove the cork and then press the up arrow to eject the cork. It’s rechargeable and a single charge opens 30+ bottles of wine. Great product for energy-savers!
  • SERVE WITH ELEGANCE: What is the secret to serving the perfect glass of wine? AERATION! The set includes a world-class aerator/pourer that is key to enjoy the perfect glass of wine. It allows the wine to breath as you pour it, releasing the purest flavour and enhancing the bouquet in your glass. Plus, the dripless spout leaves your table free of mess.
  • PRESERVE THE GOODNESS: If don’t finish the bottle, save the wine! To ensure the last glass is as good as the first one, the outstanding Preserver & 2 Stoppers remove the air from the bottle and prevents the wine from oxidizing, allowing you to enjoy it one more time. The stainless accents bring tabletop appeal to wine preservation.
  • STAINLESS STEEL FOIL CUTTER: Neatly and quickly removes the foil cap before you pull the cork. Enjoy every bit of OPENING, SERVING & PRESERVING YOUR WINE.