Five Two Nonstick Skillet Set

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The result of decades of kitchen know-how, feedback from thousands of members of our community of home cooks, and countless rounds of testing to get it all right (see: stay-cool, non-slip handles, rivetless interiors, and built-in strainers). And because we know you need options, we rounded out our collection with both ceramic and stainless styles. They’re true workhorses that cover all your bases in a single, cohesive—and absolutely beautiful—design.

10” Ceramic Skillet: 10”D x 1.75”H x 18”L (with handle), Handle: 8”; Body 2.8lbs.

12” Covered Skillet (Ceramic or Stainless): 12”D x 2”H x 19.75”L (with handle), Handle: 7.75”, Lid: 12”D x 2.5”H; Body 3.4lbs, lid 2lbs.

  • Fully clad, tri-ply stainless steel construction: Each design is an ultra-sturdy 3mm thick with a stable base, thanks to two layers of stainless steel plus a highly conductive aluminum core that heats up evenly (no hot spots).
  • Rivet-free, the way to be: Welded-on handles make for an easy-to-clean interior—no buildup, no gunk—and a seamless, modern look.
  • Stay-cool, non-slip handles: A “V” shape at the base lets air circulate, while the textured, stonewashed finish and gentle curvature feel great in-hand.
  • Made with clean, non-toxic materials: Thanks to the diamond-infused ceramic coating—made from sand!—our two nonstick options are non-toxic and will never blister or peel (unlike traditional nonstick). Diamond reinforcement adds durability, but also allows for superior browning (it is roughly 4x more conductive than copper).
  • Anti-yellowing technology: We treated each piece with color-stable technology, an all-over heat-resistant treatment that prevents discoloration and keeps your cookware looking brand-new.
  • Glass lids...but better: 57% of our community members asked for them—so we made ours in tempered glass. They’re lightweight, tight-fitting, and oven- safe up to 390°F, plus they let you keep an eye on the action without releasing heat and moisture. And yes, that’s a built-in strainer.